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D. J. Meyers was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. A writer of poetry and short stories from the age of ten, many years were spent writing the words and music of songs. Fourteen years ago the itch to write a novel was scratched and, after several attempts, these completed tomes were placed on the Internet for review by others. Lessons learned, and style adjusted, The Renaissance Series was born. Tales of Yorr became the first of these, focussing on the legend of the skeleton in the car park and the myths of history’s winners. This was followed by two loose sequels – Birth of Venus, which delves into the life and loves of Sandro Botticelli, and The Whispering Mime – a reconstruction of Elizabethan England and the origins of one particular bard named William.


Paper Cranes & Other Oral Origami is DJ's most recent offering.

Oznonymous was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.  A writer of novels and nonsense verse for many years, only in 2016 did he open his vault to the world with the release of the Sci-Fi novel, Sentenced to Obscurity. Oz has since branched out into a series of Black Comedy/Mysteries, and added his obscureness to the short story collection Paper Cranes & Other Oral Origami. He is currently working on a new style he calls Ozmance, under the pseudonym, Ozmantic.

The Gargoyle is expressly genderless, a watcher over the human condition, an expresser of thoughts unable to pass its stony lips. Born of stone, yet with a heart of gold, some have dubbed the Gargoyle Félix and considered France the birthplace. Alas, those of you with romantic inclinations, the Gargoyle was carved out of stone in the wilds of Melbourne, Australia. A dreamer of poetry and short stories since being carved, being hung atop a lonely belfry has afforded the time for a longer work, and thus, The Butterfly Collection was born. A politically-tinged Sci-Fi thriller sure to bring the ire of governments, the purpose here is to expose the hidden truth. Read the Gargoyle’s words and make your own choice.