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The Butterfly Collection

Ebook & Paperback now released on Amazon


We never take anything seriously until it is too late. The only government that prepares is the one no one is taking seriously. Relax and Live Life Large at your own peril... but READ THIS! The Butterfly Collection is the ultimate COVID-era, Sci-Fi, Political Thriller.

The Collector treats people like butterfly specimens...they collect them, pin them down, analyse them, and keep them for their own amusement and personal gain. Each specimen has a usage phylum. While not to be confused with the social butterfly, as they are harmless, but the collector is deadly! The initial entrapment is a deep manipulation. The specimen is snared and showered with praise until they are set in the case and ready to be pinned. The specimen is often mildly drugged and stroked into a mild soporific trance. Caught, it is kept to be prodded & poked. Always lacking and inferior, it becomes obsolete.

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