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Tales of Yorr

(A Mediaeval Monk in need of a Chiropractor)


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What if Richard III was not a hunchback…  What if one of his bastard sons was…  This is the tale of Yorrick, bastard son of Richard III, hunchback extraordinaire.  Scholar, poet, lover, husband, adventurer and warrior.  A dab hand at Latin, he has quite a way with words, usually in  in verse across a tawdry bar.


Not everyone agrees who wrote William’s work, perhaps he was inspired by a character such as this.  Alas, for poor Yorrick, we may never really know.

Book I of the Renaissance Series

Birth of Venus

Ebook & Paperback now released on Amazon

A flower does not choose its colour; its beauty is the desire of others.

In 1486, Sandro Botticelli painted his The Birth of Venus. The face of his Venus was famously inspired by Simonetta Vespucci, as were many of the other women in his paintings. Upon his death Botticelli was buried at the feet of Simonetta, his paintings forgotten for 300 years.

Victorian tourists rediscovered Botticelli in the mid 1800's on their Grand Tours of The Continent. Botticelli's legend was reborn, as was his love for Simonetta Vespucci, the great Renaissance beauty, fêted by all Florence and vied for by two Medici brothers during her short life.


Book II of the Renaissance Series

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The Whispering Mime


Ebook & Paperback now released on Amazon


History is decided with a whisper.


A loose sequel to Tales of Yorr. Follow William as he battles through the English Renaissance, the Elizabethan era.  Born a Catholic, raised a Protestant, William is exiled at the age of 16, finger marked to become a priest, but adventure and the written word are more his style, the theft of an ancient text, written by a hunchback monk his ticket in life.


Book III of the Renaissance Series

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Paper Cranes

(& Other Oral Origami)

Ebook & Paperback now released on Amazon


A collection of short stories featuring the writing of D J Meyers and Oznonymous. Paper Cranes comprises eight stories, which touch on gun control, green energy, psychosis, loneliness, political correctness & a lonely gargoyle perched up high on Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.


D J Meyers contributes the anti war Paper Cranes, as well as the green energy thriller The Maia Calendar, the politically incorrect gargoyle in The Gargoyle Chronicles, and the Poem Ode to a Sardine.

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