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November 28, 2015:


Well, here it is, the full jacket of The Whispering Mime, due for release mid-December. The first proof arrived on my doorstep this week and it looks wonderful. The Kindle version will be ready for Christmas. For those of you new to the site, this is the third book of The Renaissance Series, a loosely connected trilogy set in the Renaissance age. Each novel is a separate story, yet each references the others in many ways, and the characters in Tales of Yorr cross over to The Whispering Mime.


History is decided with a whisper


Shakspere, Shake-shafte, or Shakespeare

Were these three men one in the same, or a figment of the imaginations of Elizabethan England?


Follow William, born a Catholic, raised a Protestant, exiled to become a priest, as per his father’s wishes. Adventurer, poet, spy, assassin and lover, with an imagination that defied the conventions of his time, and a name easily confused, mis-signed, and misquoted.


Ink never sleeps; it dries and haunts us forever.

August, 2015:


Birth of Venus, book two of The Renaissance Series is on the shelves at Amazon - and, I discovered, at Barnes & Noble. It is also available for Kindle. Click on the cover at the top of the page for retail options. Below is the full cover:


A flower does not choose its colour; its beauty is the desire of others...


An ancient picture frame and a forgotten parchment lead two generations of one family into the world of Renaissance Florence.


Both artefacts pose the same questions; were Sandro Botticelli and Simonetta Vespucci lovers?


Do the women in his paintings, including The Birth of Venus, really depict the young Florentine beauty?


Can any man love one woman so intently and for so long?

October  23, 2015:


So I bumped into an interesting author from the U.S. online recently, and she has some wonderful art in cyberspace. You will find the author interview she did with me at the following address:



You can find her website here:



Following in her footsteps, there will be a new addition to this site, the author interview page, which you will discover on the Fellow Authors link. The adventurous Charlie will be the first, sometime between now and Christmas.

November 29, 2015: About to jet off to Japan for 2 weeks, thought I would leave you all with some rice paper musings... “I’ve been contemplating book signings and burnings.”
Have you a book you wish to write; a signature to scorch?
“Yes, but will I get my fingers burnt? I know the penalties. They burn writers, don’t they… and their books? To imagine is obscene, to form the letters... heresy.”
What is a book, Citizen M-1K1?
“It is only words, am I not right?”
A book is an idea that infects the mind and once the words are in type, spreads to others.
“Is not Humanity’s Sunset over Osaka Bay full of ideas?”
As is every book, Citizen. I think you should enjoy the view? Osaka sets vermilion and marigold tonight; is your world not perfect?
“Yes, but I dream of a world wrapped in its own anomalies; of a wall within a wall, with humanity pouring through, yet banging their heads against it. There is a world on the other side, but I find it trapped within.”
It is forbidden for a citizen to imagine beyond the histories that are presented to you. Are you certain this is the story you wish to tell?
“The wall in my head is but the boundary of my tale. The story locked within is of a book, a tsunami of ideas, but I cannot see it clearly, for it has no home and is bereft of love. It is utterly alone, trampled beneath Bebelplatz glass by a million unseen feet.”
An empty bookshelf for tomes that no longer exist... that is an interesting concept. If only they were not forbidden. When is a bookshelf not a bookshelf, Citizen?
“When it is empty, when there is no book to reference another, and when the tale of one is lost within the pages of the other.”
Books always speak of other books, and every story tells a story that has already been told. “Is this true of Humanity’s Sunset over Osaka Bay?”
There is no proof that those pages were ever written... Rice paper musings upon signed book burnings and Berlin walls
Citizen M-1K1

July 2015


Tales of Yorr (2nd Edition) is now available. Re-formatted to match the smaller size of the second book in the Renaissance Series, Birth of Venus. The second book in the series will be released in the coming weeks. Birth of Venus explores the life of Sandro Botticelli and his supposed love, Simonetta Vespucci.



A Mediaeval Monk in Need of a Chiropractor



What if Richard III was not a hunchback…


What if one of his bastard sons was…



This is the tale of Yorrick, bastard son of Richard III, hunchback extraordinaire.  Scholar, poet, lover, husband, adventurer and warrior.  A dab hand at Latin, he has quite a way with words, usually in verse across a tawdry bar.


Not everyone agrees who wrote William’s work, perhaps he was inspired by a character such as this.  Alas, for poor Yorrick, we may never really know...

December 18, 2015:


I'm back from my tour of Japan, all documented on Twitter - click here. More importantly, The Whispering Mime was released today, so now you can buy the set - The Renaissance Series, books 1, 2, & 3. Click on the links and find yourself a paperback, in cream paper with glossy covers, or buy yourself an eBook. Below is the full set. Tales of Yorr, Birth of Venus & The Whispering Mime.

July 13, 2016:


Well, it has been a while, but the writers from The Gargoyle Chronicles have been busy writing and editing. Since the release of The Renaissance Series last year, the focus has been on editing a new work from Oznonymous - Sentenced to Obscurity. You can see the provisional full cover below. This novel is quite a departure from the historical fiction released last year. It is a work that spans three time periods, a futuristic dystopian sci-fi realm, a contemporary love story, and a historic fiction middle. The work involves a contemporary writer who has just completed work on a science fiction piece, which becomes part of the tale. That story, in turn, begins to relate his life, which plummets into the depths of despair; It is difficult to tell which book wrote which, but the unravelling of the mystery is a brain teaser for all who enjoy a good read. In keeping with the dual novel theme, the cover has two covers.

August 26, 2016:


The day has finally arrived to unleash the writer Oznonymous on the world. These Sci-Fi and black comedy musings will begin with a Dystopian Science Fiction novel titled Sentenced to Obscurity (scroll down to view the cover.) What begins as a contemporary love story, turns from mystery to futuristic nightmare in an intriguing web that spans three generations. Released on paperback and in eBook format today, this eclectic piece will surprise readers from pre-prologue to the final page. Do not miss your chance to be one of the first to read this epic tale.


Click here to be transported via hover junk and view humanity's sunset over Osaka Bay.

November 28, 2017:


Welcome to the newest author on The Gargoyle Chronicles - Sebnem E. Sanders. A native of Istanbul, Turkey, she is about to release her first collection of short stories. Available in paperback and eBook editions, pop over to Amazon and purchase a copy - click here

December 1, 2017:


D J Meyers and Oznonymous have combined their talents over the past year and created a selection of short stories.


Now available on Amazon - click here - Paper Cranes & Other Oral Origami contains 8 works. From shorts to novella, the tales explore social issues from disarmament, marriage equality, the environment, psychosis, loneliness, the explosion of political correctness, and gun control.

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I was born beneath a lamington blanket on a pavlova pillow in Melbourne, Australia.  A place about as far from anywhere in the world as you can get, unless you're familiar with a map of Tassie, which I'm sure you all are.  My first book was a small adventure called Penny, that was in grade four.  I spent many years afterwards writing songs, but the past ten years have been all about the novel.  Why?  Because it was there.


So, what do I like.  Hmmm... good question mysterious Internet user.  Well, I majored in English and History, love a good shot of Sci-fi or a classic, and spend my spare time travelling the world.  You'll find many of the ports I have visited depicted in the novels here, from Europe to Asia, Australia and Africa.

 A challenge is what I require when writing a book, a mystery of plot and a few multi-faceted characters.  This eclecticism stems from my penchant for variety.  I enjoy many things in many arenas and infuse my tales accordingly.

So what is the Gargoyle, and who is D J the writer?  Those questions are as difficult as my birth and the birth of these books, but if you are interested, if you have an intrepid mind, click on one of the books on this page or click HERE for more.  You will find Mysteries, Historical Fiction, Sci-fi and Historical Romances.  Enjoy...    :DJ

D,J, The Authors