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I was born beneath a lamington blanket on a pavlova pillow in Melbourne Australia.  This is, of course, about as far from anywhere in the world as you can get unless you're familiar with a map of Tassie, which I'm sure you all are.


My first book was a small adventure called Penny, that was in grade four.  I spent many years afterwards writing songs, but the past ten years have been all about the novel.  Why?  Because it was there.


So, what do I like.  Hmmm... good question mysterious Internet user.  Well, I majored in English and History, love a good shot of Sci-fi or classic, and spend my spare time travelling the world.  You'll find many of the ports I have visited amongst the novels here, from Europe to Asia, Australia and Africa.


A challenge is what I require when writing a book, a mystery of plot and a few multi-faceted characters.  This eclecticism stems from my penchant for variety.  I enjoy many things in many arenas and infuse my tales accordingly.


Summing up what is the Gargoyle, and who is D J the writer, is as difficult as my birth, but if you are interested, if you have an intrepid mind, scroll down and browse one of my book cases.


Yes, this is one of my actual book cases, and it is in my lounge room, beside the television and the cuckoo clock from the Black Forest, where I skiied once beneath a full moon.  Filled with eclectic pieces, novels and histories, brimming with diaries of adventures past and present.


Move your mouse around the bookshelf, click on an object and discover more about me.



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