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The Gargoyle Chronicles D,J, The Authors The Spottiswoode Mysteries

The Spottiswoode Mysteries are set in the suburbs of Melbourne, however the major settings are fictional. Each of the novels revolves around the unfortunate writer Ozwaldous Jones. Born Charlie Wattle, he was accused of murder aged 14. Locked away by his parents in Wattle Manor, the young man buries himself in the fantasy of novel writing up in the attic. At the beginning of 2016 he finds himself trapped beneath his writing desk, a dagger in his chest. His parents and brother dead, he is alone, save for their ghosts and the characters who he has failed to bring to life in the publishing world. Follow his exploits as he rids himself of his demons. Book Two - The Croxton Creeper, follows the life of the girl Ozwaldous was accused of murdering - Lucy Offerman. This book is half written. The final of the series, already planned, is Death Said & the Undead Heads. Based around a musician (Death - better known as Tyrone Bugg) and his rock band, who fall victim to the world of Ozwaldous Jones. Black humour and mystery permeate these novels, written under the guise of Oznonymous. Their release is planned for December 2016.

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