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My weekends are often spent at the G - the MCG, a place for concerts (Paul McCartney, U2, Billy & Elton), the Olympics (1956 & 2000)(Italy 1 - Australia nil - damn), cricket (another clean sweep in the Ashes 2014), the Wallabies defeating the All Blacks on a rare occasion, & Footy, Australian Rules Football.  My team is the Richmond Tigers.  I've seen them win a Grand Final at the ground twice, in the days before corporate ticketing.  115,000+ fans can't be wrong!


I follow Liverpool in Premier League soccer (notice I called it soccer) - blame the Fab Four and an FA Cup win in 1974.  I was very young and impressionable.  Perhaps it was just late and I was impressionable.  What were my parents thinking?


I've even run onto the ground after a 10km jog through the streets of Melbourne.  Streets where I have managed two Marathons, one which ended at the Grand Prix circuit of Albert Park.  I have witnessed that race twice, once because The Who were playing afterwards.  Did I mention I liked music?  Best you find my music page.  It's on my bookshelf somewhere.  Can't remember where I hid it



My youngest son, his team won their Grand Final back in August, defeating the top team by 16 points.
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