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The Lost Child



Ripples on the Pond

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A man lost in his unfulfilled relationships is destined to meet a woman banished from her planet. August Augustus from Planet X, finds the love of his life with Monday, from Planet Y, after they meet on Eros. Their simple life on the realm of eternal love is endowed with gifts of nature, and the birth of their daughter, Sunday, completes their happiness. When they agree to teach Sunday about the life they experienced on other planets, they don't expect her to venture beyond Eros, at the age of fifteen, leaving them behind. They have to make a choice: to stay on Eros or to go after their child. Monday is not allowed to return to Planet Y. They know when they leave to go to their respective home planets, they will never be together again. August and Monday decide to leave Eros, as fate weaves intricate bonds for their future relationships


T A man infatuated with ivy. A woman pining for lost love. In a Turkish square, ancient buildings lament a devastating explosion. An unlikely friendship struck up with a homeless person. A journey to a magical place that once visited can never be found again. The camaraderie between the patients in a cancer ward. A writer who has lost his muse. A tragedy that leads to dementia.


These are just a few of seventy individual tales set in locations straddling continents, which portray war, love, hate, hope, greed, revenge, despair, humour, mystical happenings, fantasy, and so much more. Like ripples expanding on the surface of a pond to reach its banks, they converge in this anthology of flash fiction and short stories by Sebnem E. Sanders in her debut release.

Work in progress

The Child of Passion


What can ignite a cold heart? Can opposites attract? For how long? Robert falls for Lara, a Turkish heiress who has erased love from her heart. She has her reasons, but they're deeply buried.  He’s a writer, concerned with the spiritual, the subject she chooses to ignore. Lara is interested only in physical love. Commitment is not for her. They meet in Rome and travel to London together, and the affair continues between London and Istanbul, with visits to other European cities as Robert launches his books. Many years her senior, he wants more than Lara is prepared to offer. Should he continue a relationship with this young woman who seems unwilling or unable to express any feelings? Or seek inner peace elsewhere? When Lara gets something she wants, but was not expecting, she wonders if fate has stepped in. The love she feels for her child of passion is like nothing she’s felt before. Three years later, an unexpected visit from Robert stirs something in her heart despite her vows. A devastating turn of events compels her to re-evaluate her past, the feelings she tries to hide, and her present circumstances ...

The Child of Heaven


From the shores of the Southern Aegean Sea to a planet in the constellation of Libra, Leila’s celestial journey is only the beginning of her adventure. In her self-imposed isolation at a seaside village, Leila tries to deal with the disappointment and regrets that have plagued her for years. Her life changes when she encounters a young boy who is clearly not of this earth and even more emotionally remote than she. As she attempts to educate the alien, Kai, about human nature, Leila is forced to re-examine her life, her conditioned learning, and the path that led to her seclusion. When Kai must leave, he offers Leila a choice: remain behind in her lonely but familiar world or risk everything to experience life on a new planet.


Writer’s Note:Gliese 581 c, a planet that orbits around a red dwarf star in the constellation of Libra, was my inspiration for Planet Leia, long before the recent discovery of the Pink Planet by NASA.



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