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So you found this page, you intrepid Internet person you!  This page is all about History.  Sounds boring I know, but bear with me.  I find the best way to enjoy History is to experience it first hand.  That's why I travel, seeking out historic sites amidst their modern incarnations.


Ancient history is the beginning for me, Egyptians and Greeks, Romans and Cretans, but I also collect fossils - you might spot two on my bookshelf.  The first time I left the safety of my Aussie homeland, I visited the first three of these.  Over the years I've found Egypt to be the most in tact, while my favourite Roman sites are the Caerleon Amphitheatre in Wales, the Great Bath in Bath, the mosaics  at Fishbourne, Hadrian's Wall, the Porta Nigra in Trier, Pont Du Gard and the amphitheatre at Nimes.  All are magnificent for their completeness and survival.


Mediaeval comes next.  I love to wander through the walls of castles, both ruinous and complete.  I could list many, Beaumaris, Conwy, the Chateaux of the Loire, Bodium, Dover, Caerphilly and Hohenzollern.  I have seen dozens of others, including many ruins.  These can only be trumped by the great cathedrals of Europe - Amiens and Canterbury my favourites, because of their soaring design and stained glass.  Yet, Mediaeval villages of France, Germany and England, with their half-timbered buildings always draw me in.


Surprisingly, I studied mostly Modern European History at university, but the Dark Ages and the Renaissance have become areas I have wandered through during my journeys.  Scottish Brochs of the Outer Hebrides, and Stone Circles are always worth a detour along a narrow hedged lane, while on the lookout for a bus coming the other way.  I have recently visited the trenches in France and stumbled across some WWII museums.  I was lucky enough to be taken to an old timers air show in Germany, and saw original Spitfires, a Hurricane, a Me 109 and a ME 262 jet in flight.


I think this hidden ramble might just give you an idea of where my historic tales are born, so go ahead, sample some tales from The Gargoyle Chronicles... read on.


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