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I write far more than read these days, and was recently compared to Kurt Vonnegut.  Below is an inexhaustible list of enjoyable tomes, which I think reflects my eclectic nature.  It is quite true that I follow the story and not any particular style or genre.  Scan my bookshelf to see more of the works I have delved into, but remember, there are many more bookshelves in my house, and I consume history and travel books as voraciously as I do novels and plays from all ages:


I remember a visit to Haworth in North Yorkshire, to the parsonage where the Bronte sisters lived, and the chill as I set my eyes on a divan in the lounge - the very same one that Emily died on.  I bought another copy of Wuthering Heights that day, an antique reprint of the dual publication with Anne's book.  I visited Anne's grave in Scarborough some years later and it now features in my unfinished novel Dreams of Blue Turtle Trains.

Some of my favourites:


Wuthering Heights

Great Expectations

Shakespeare's works

Harry Potter series

The Millenium series

Slaughterhouse Five

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