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The Unending Sea

(All the King's Enemies)

The Kissing Gate



Dreams of Blue Turtle Trains



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Work in progress

Work in progress 
Work in progress

 I always wanted a good pirate story and I was inspired by one of those episodes of Who Do You Think You Are?  A family history is not always what it seems as we all know and this is the basis of Maelstrom.

Set in Atlanta just before and after Hurricane Katrina. What this has to do with pirates?  The novel is set in two time frames and involves a mystery that begins in England.  The novel reminds us that although we all desire treasure the treasure we find is not always the one we wanted.

The Gargoyle Chronicles
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The Croxton Creeper

Death Said & the Undead Heads



Work in progress

Work in progress




Jack is the type of guy who needs to know why things work , but having found the stolen artefact from Britain’s Natural History Museum he now has to decipher its strange markings.  If successful, he may solve three seemingly unrelated deaths, which may well be murders.

Jack will travel relentlessly through Italy on a tour bus, find himself bemused revelation in Egypt and discover lost voices and ancient remains in outback Australia before deciding what he thinks is the truth.

 The truth is, however, difficult to decipher; has he actually found the perpetrator of these supposed crimes or do messages by firelight reveal more than those merely written?

The Pentalogy of Messages
Books I, II, III, IV, V

Emily in the Attic



Emily clung desperately to the floor fearing she would fall through the hole that she peered through.  It could have been a chasm for all she knew, but it was merely a crack in the floor of the attic where she hid.  Below her the halls of this Alsace chateau revealed the face of the man who she had feared for so long, but it did not match the man she now knew.



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