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To See the Sun



The Mystery of the Bridge



Transmorf Inc.



The Virgin Ghost



She Writes More






Emily in the Attic



You want tales of an improbable romance and young men whose skin glitters in the sun? We don’t sell those types of books in here... Balthazar is a curiosity, a man who lives in Whitby and gives readings of classic novels to anyone who wishes to listen in the bowels of an antique bookstore.  The readings often drift from the original text to parallel stories that suggest he has a firm grasp of history, as if he has actually lived through the creation of these classic novels, yet he has no memory of this… in fact, Balthazar has no memory at all.  One chill April night Claire and Prudence step across the threshold of Balthazar’s bookstore.  Intrigued by the deep pools of loss that are his eyes they follow him to his daytime existence and their lives are never quite the same.

(The Comparative Difficulties of a Newly Formed Ectoplasm in a Modern World)


This is not your usual ghost story.  The chief protagonist exists in a modern world with modern challenges.  How does a ghost use an iPhone?  14-year-old Bridget is having problems with her parents, Rex and Iris; they no longer get along. Her mum is ambitious and her dad has gone to sleep. Iris has a plan to make their lives more exciting; a Japanese inspired Lysergic Acid Diethylamide Saké party that should lead to a promotion.  No one mentioned the swinger aspect. No one considered the consequences.

This was the first time I strayed from the formula of having a historic item floating somewhere within a novel.  This is the first novel I have written that is strictly science fiction.


Transmorf Inc. is set in the near future. around the creation of  a device that transports humans through space, but not time.  The invention revolutionizes transport, travel, and holidays, while cleansing the world of fossil fuels.  However, the effects on the travellers are frightening, and kept well hidden.

Errol is a  shy university student who studies diligently. It is 1986 and he is three years into a four year teaching degree at a Melbourne University.   He is the first person in his working-class family to make it to university, yet he dreams of other possibilities.  All this changes during a late night university party when Errol stumbles across Holly, a vivacious blonde adorned in more than appropriate hippy clothing.  Holly seems a little young for a drunken university outing… in fact she is only four years old and the spitting image in miniature of her 21-year-old mother Kate. She is the life of any party, yet beyond her drunken antics she conceals a different side.  A studious history major who dreams of working on an archaeological dig in Egypt and travelling to Morocco.

Dylan is a computer technician. He lives a  banal life in Edinburgh, fulfilling his father’s dream.  Dylan is haunted by more exciting dreams he dare not pursue until the night he finds himself alone in his shop behind a locked door.  He is haunted by lilting rhythms of a song playing in the distance, a song he has never heard, but a song that has been looped and forgotten on one of his Internet Café’s computers.  The song wafts by him as he lays there stricken—the pain in his chest unbearable, yet he is only in his thirties and his life is flashing before him…


Emily clung desperately to the floor fearing she would fall through the hole that she peered through.  It could have been a chasm for all she knew, but it was merely a crack in the floor of the attic where she hid.  Below her the halls of this Alsace chateau revealed the face of the man who she had feared for so long, but it did not match the man she now knew.



Jack is the type of guy who needs to know why things work , but having found the stolen artefact from Britain’s Natural History Museum he now has to decipher its strange markings.  If successful, he may solve three seemingly unrelated deaths, which may well be murders.

Jack will travel relentlessly through Italy on a tour bus, find himself bemused revelation in Egypt and discover lost voices and ancient remains in outback Australia before deciding what he thinks is the truth.

 The truth is, however, difficult to decipher; has he actually found the perpetrator of these supposed crimes or do messages by firelight reveal more than those merely written?

The Pentalogy of Messages
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A Picture of Lily



We all long for an interesting family history with skeletons.  Russell is no different.  He has no direction in life until he discovers his Great Great Uncle didn’t die at Gallipoli.  Private John Coleman, aged 45, died somewhere near Villers-Bretonneux in France.  To honour him and to find some purpose in life Russell flies to France to spend ANZAC Day at the Dawn Service, held near Villers-Bretonneux.  This is Russell’s first overseas trip, he is 40 years old, he only speaks English and he is all alone.  He finds his Uncle’s grave easily thanks to his fastidious computer skills, but there is something wrong with the inscription on the headstone… apparently John Coleman had a daughter, Lily… and her direct descendant lives in Villers-Bretonneux.

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