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The Gargoyle Chronicles D,J, The Authors The Amulet Chain

The Amulet Chain is a series of five books that follow five generations of the same family - all time travellers.  The story begins with P.S.R.T. - the device designed by Sean Peresil in the early 21st Century.  He successfully travels into the future on his first attempt, but only by as few days. During his second attempt he is struck by lightning and is device propels him backward in Time. He finds himself trapped in Time, struggling through two World Wars, until a final jump sends him back to the 8th Century, where he saves a Saxon girl from a Viking raid, The pair begin a family tree that spans centuries, encountering another family line desperate to learn their secret, until both families merge, only to clash in the 23rd Century vision of The Maia Calendar. The final link in the chain is The Cadaver and the Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo. A time travelling map maker, a descendant of Sean Peresil, who finally ends the terror imposed by the Lawrence family.

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